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Frequently asked questions general

What sets you apart from other training agencies?

We are the only agency in the Netherlands that is fully specialized in training subject matter experts using Karin de Galan's unique training method.

Do I need to train already to participate?

No, you don't have to yet. It is important that you have a clear idea of the content you want to develop a training course about. And know what your target group probably finds difficult to apply. Because in our training you will start working with that immediately. It is also important that you can immediately apply what you have learned during or shortly after the course in a training or workshop you deliver. Otherwise it gets watered down.

I want to design a training about a topic that is new to me. Is that possible?

If you are well into the content of that subject, but you have not trained in it before, then the answer is: yes, you certainly can.
If you are not yet well versed in the subject matter yourself, then the answer is: no, delve deeper into the content of what you want to train in first. You can only design well when you know what the right approach looks like to the skill you want to teach your participants.

Do you also give the training in English?

Yes, definitely. That is possible in-house. If you are interested, please contact Jaco (link contact information). An English open enrollment is in the making.

I provide communication skills training and I provide subject matter training. So are your trainings suitable for me?

The question then becomes which training you primarily provide or want to provide: subject matter or communication? For subject matter skills, think project proposal preparation, stakeholder analysis, LinkedIn use, complex computer program use, application of ARBO rules, etc. For communication skills, think leadership, assertiveness, feedback.

Karin de Galan's didactic method is suitable for both. But during our trainings we emphasize things that are essential for content training. If you mainly train in communication, you will be better suited for a training of the School for Training. If you have doubts about which is most suitable, please contact us.

I would like to learn to train better, but I don't know your methodology at all. Is that a problem?

No, it's not a problem if you don't know the method yet. It is given ample attention and you get to know it by applying it immediately during our trainings. Of course we work with Karin de Galan's model ourselves and you will experience how effective it is. We do recommend reading something about the method to decide if you want to learn to train this way. You can also join one of the free orientation webinars that Karin regularly conducts.

I would like to participate and pay the invoice in installments. Is that even possible?

Yes, you can. Please discuss this in the intake interview (for the training) or indicate it at your registration (for the two-day course). If you wish, you can pay the amount in 2 or 3 installments.

I would like to take a training course with you together with a colleague from the same company. Is that possible?

Yeah. No problem. You can support each other well afterwards in applying what you have learned. For the dynamics in the whole group we choose a maximum of 3 colleagues from one company per training group. If you want to come with more colleagues, please contact us. Perhaps an in-company training is then more appropriate, or a spread over different groups.

I would also like to learn how to handle resistance during training. Do you adres that as well?

With a good design, most resistance can be avoided. During the two-day course you will learn how to create a design for your training that will allow you to easily bring your participants along. Should resistance still arise? In the Trainers Skills for Experts course you will learn to design, implement and supervise. If you also want to learn trainer skills for implementation (such as how to deal with resistance), we advise you to join the Trainers Skills for Exper ts training or an in-company training.

Questions specifically about in-house training

Can we meet with you first?

Yes, you certainly can. You can send us a message and we will schedule a meeting. Then we will discuss what you want and what we can offer. This conversation is free and without obligation. If you want to get acquainted with the didactic method of Karin de Galan, then join the free Orientation Webinar that Karin regularly gives.

We have experienced and inexperienced trainers. Can they be in the same group?

Yes. The material we offer is often new even for experienced trainers, while starters get a good foundation with it right away. So they can do fine together in the training. However, it is important that all trainers are content matter experts and have the ability to apply the material in practice during the course.

We have a mix of trainers who train content skills and who train communication skills. What's best to do?

Both types of trainers need the same thing when it comes to designing training. When it comes to executive trainer skills, communication trainers need different skills (e.g. role play). Based on your specific situation, we will create a program that properly addresses both types of trainers. We work closely with the karin de galan school for training.

We don't want a whole course, but we do want to inspire our trainers. Is that something you offer?

Yes, we can. This is something we reguraly do. Even for a short session like this, we want our participants to be able to immediately put to work what we teach them. So even for a short training/meeting, we like to incorporate transfer.

What is the maximum size of the group?

It depends on the design and size of the track. For most tracks, the maximum number of participants is 12, with guidance from 1 trainer. Then all participants get enough individual attention. For more participants we train with 2 trainers.

At a minimum, how small can the group be?

Really something to discuss with each other. We also have tracks where we teach 1 or 2 trainers the tricks of the trainer's trade. So you can do that too!

Questions specifically about the two-day Didactic Design for content matter experts course

Will I have my entire training ready to go after the two-day?

You create an outline for one part of your training during the two-day Didactic Design for content matter experts. An example: you give a one-day training to job seekers about LinkedIn. You teach your participants on that day how to (1) word their profile attractively, (2), skillfully invite people to connect, and (3) have recommendations written by others. During the two day course, you will create a program for 1 of these 3 components. After the training you continue working to complete your the design of your training. We provide you with a handy format that gives you a guideline on all the steps. Because you have applied the steps once to the first component, you can repeat them for all other components. Do you want to learn more trainers skills, then follow the 6-day Training Skills for Experts course.

Will I also receive feedback on my design after the two-day event?

Between Day 1 and Day 2, you will receive extensive individual help and feedback to ensure that your design is well put together. During the training days, the trainer always discusses parts of designs in plenary. This can be your design or that of a fellow participant. You will also receive feedback from the others. If you want even more feedback (for example after day 2 on your entire design), we will make additional agreements about the additional costs.
If you really want extensive and regular feedback on all steps in your design as well as help with the implementation of your training, then the Trainers Skills for Experts course is more suitable.

Questions specifically about the Training Skills for Experts course

Will I have my entire training ready to go after the training?

That depends on how many training components your training consists of. Specifically, you will soon have completed two training components and be sure that they are well put together. You can easily set up more components on your own afterwards.

Do I also get feedback on my designs that I create?

Yes definitely. You will receive extensive feedback from one of the trainers with every design step you take during the course.

I cannot attend all days, is that insurmountable?

During each training day you will gain many new insights and practice the material yourself. We therefore advise against missing a day. If you have to miss a day due to illness or an unexpected unpleasant event, we will do our best to make up that day in another group. If you want to receive the official post-HBO diploma, you may miss a maximum of 1 meeting.

How much time am I working on assignments in addition to the training days?

This varies over the course of the course. Please allow for 3-6 hours of working on assignments, learning environment, reading, and preparation time per meeting.

If I can't attend a day, can I join online or can you record the meeting for me?

No, neither can do that. We did try that, but still don't like the way it works when part is online, and part is in the room. That's because the meetings are interactive and participants do a lot of assignments with each other.
As for making recordings of the meeting, we don't want recordings with all participants "going around" digitally. So we can't do that either. If you know in advance that you cannot attend one or more days, please look for a training that starts later. All trainings start several times a year.