Always active participants who apply the material after your training

Wil je méér dan alleen ‘leuke werkvormen’ of interactie voor ‘de levendigheid’? Dat kan. We leren je hoe je doelgerichte oefeningen en interventies inzet op het juíste moment. Met een trainingsmethode die bewezen werkt. En díe leren wij jou ook.

Our offer


Trainer Skills for Experts

Je leert hoe je goede trainingen ontwerpt én essentiële trainersvaardigheden inzet.


Didactic Design for content matter experts

You will learn how to design a training that works. Step by step. Ready to be applied in practice.


in-house program

A training on design and/or training skills customized for your team of experts. With guidance on application in your own practice

Training as an subject matter expert

You are subject matter expert and you start transferring your knowledge to colleagues or others. Then suddenly you become a trainer as well.

  • But out of all you know, how do you choose the most important thing
    for your participants. Without overwhelming them?
  • How do you avoid one-way communication and your participants
    listening passively?
  • How can you make even tough material engaging and interactive?
  • And which exercises are useful and which are absolutely not?

All this requires a good didactic structure and practical trainer skills. And that is what we are specialized in.

With us, you're going to understand what you're doing when you train. AND you'll get the hang of it.


'I now know what I'm doing'

I developed my trainings with great care, but purely on experience and feeling. As a result, preparation took me a long time and I wasn't sure if it was right. The latter in particular caused stress beforehand each training. I have now given the training I designed during the program twice. The participants gave my training 3x a 9 and 3x a 10, and rated me as a trainer with 2x a 9 and 4x a 10! I could never have done this if I had not taken the program. I now know much better what I am doing and how to achieve real learning results with the participants.

Karin Bustraan Professional Organizer

'Practical tools to deal with issues in the group'

After a training I always had the feeling that our students understood what they could do better, but that they still didn't apply it. I could also feel insecure when they were talking among themselves. During the program I learned how I can really make a connection between the material we present and the practical issues the participants encounter. I also learned how to deal with issues in the group. Now, I really feel confident that my participants will apply what the learnings. 

Ton van Kampen Advisor Managed Services & Innovation

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Who we are

We work closely with the karin de galan school of training. This allows us to incorporate new insights directly into our trainings to experts who also train.

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